Hopkin Murray Beskine’s Serena Kaur Sandhu running for election to Resolution’s National Committee

Hopkin Murray Beskine is delighted to announce that our director, Serena Kaur Sandhu is running for election to the National Committee of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals dedicated to resolving family issues in a constructive way.

Founded in 1982, Resolution champions a non-confrontational approach to family law. This approach not only supports better outcomes for separating families and their children but also aligns with the principles that guide our practice at Hopkin Murray Beskine.

Serena has expressed her deep commitment to the values upheld by Resolution: “I am focused on inspiring the next generation of lawyers and helping people. I am committed and dedicated to the values of Resolution and the Code of Practice,”.

As a director, Serena brings extensive experience to her candidacy. Her professional approach combines diligence, compassion, and a deep understanding of client needs, which has earned her recognition across the legal profession.

Serena Sandhu

Serena Sandhu

Serena’s involvement in Resolution has profoundly shaped her approach to law. “Being a member of Resolution, I have advocated against hostile and aggressive lawyering approaches, teaching young lawyers the power of effective lawyering within the framework of the Code of Practice,” she said, “This philosophy helps reduce conflict and focus on the real issues at hand, benefiting clients immensely.”

Hopkin Murray Beskine is proud to support Serena’s candidacy and to be associated with Resolution, an organisation that has made significant strides in promoting a more humane and effective approach to family law.

If you are a member of Resolution, Serena would be grateful for your support/vote!

The link to vote is here, however it is only available to Members of Resolution.

Published On: 29/04/2024|
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