Parental rights solicitors

We act for families and individuals who are becoming parents in a wide range of circumstances.

We act for clients who are applying for adoption orders and offer advice and representation along the way.  We understand the stresses and tensions involved in going through the adoption process both until and after you are approved. We advise on all of this issues you will encounter, including matters such as an objection from the biological parents, their role and the way forward.

If you are becoming a parent through assisted conception, you will probably already have talked with everyone involved.  You will recognise the importance of discussing and agreeing your future roles as far as you can and expressing all the intentions and plans for your family. This will help avoid disagreements and surprises down the years.

Sometimes becoming a parent can bring stresses.  For example where parents are adopting, using a surrogate or have been assisted to conceive, it is sometimes the case that difficulties develop in the relationship after the success of the adoption or pregnancy.  This is the time when you need really sensitive advice to help you think carefully about your options including whether you want to proceed, separate, or develop a temporary plan to get you through a rough patch.

As solicitors we work hard to give our client as many options as possible.  We are trained and experienced to understand the complexities of family life as well as having the legal expertise to develop options with clients to help them decide the best course for them. We offer an expert legal service and we also have a specialist family mediation team.  We also offer a friendly and welcoming service to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender clients.

We offer assistance in preparing agreements, sometimes called pre-conception or parenting agreements.  Some clients like to use our mediation services to reach agreement and others prefer the use of their own individual solicitor.  Whichever you choose, it is a good opportunity to really think about the different scenarios that may develop and how you want your family life to be.

Our family team can assist in all these matters.

Sarah, senior family law solicitor

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