Mediation services and collaborative law

Mediation is a service offered to both sides of a family dispute. The mediator is independent and is there to assist both of you to try to reach a solution. Mediation can be used to resolve disputes relating to children, money and property.

The mediator will meet with you and your ex partner, either separately or together and try and help you focus on sorting out future plans for you, your former partner and any children involved. Any agreement reached will be recorded in writing and can be used to form the basis of a court order.

Sarah Beskine has been qualified as a family mediator since 1999 and offers mediation on all matters relating to disputes about children. Sarah has also been trained in NVR informed practice which is of assistance to parents in dispute. We are members of the Ministry of Justice Voucher funding scheme which operates to offer refunds of up to £500 per couple for mediation.

Our rates for mediation are available by contacting the Reception team by phone on 020 7272 1234 or by email:

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