Calls for action over looming evictions crisis

Amid fears of a huge increase in evictions when Covid-19 protections are lifted, solicitors from Hopkin Murray Beskine’s housing team have called for more financial support for affected landlords and tenants, and have expressed concerns about the ability of tenants to navigate hearings currently taking place by telephone. Lesley Curtis and Ann Bevington are quoted today in the Islington Tribune (article here)

Lesley Curtis of Hopkin Murray Beskine added: “Tenants faced with court proceedings should seek legal advice at an early stage. Sometimes there will be a defence to the claim, particularly where they have experienced serious problems with disrepair which the landlord did not deal with promptly, giving rise to a claim for damages. Tenants receiving benefits or on a low income are likely to be eligible for legal aid and there is a possibility in some cases of solicitors being able to assist under a “no win no fee” agreement”.

Published On: 19/02/2021|
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