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Eileen Livingstone 
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Eileen joined Hopkin Murray Beskine in September 2019, having previously been part of a niche specialist family team within a large commercial firm.

Eileen brings to HMB her considerable expertise in family law and divorce. She advises on all the issues that arise during separation including finances, care of the children and future plans. In addition, Eileen offers legal guidance to people who are embarking on a new relationship or co-parenting arrangement, including prenuptial and cohabitation agreements and parenting plans.

Eileen’s clients find that she is extremely knowledgeable, practical and personable. Measured in her approach, Eileen is an excellent negotiator. Exploring the possibilities of early settlement, and avoiding unnecessary acceleration of a dispute, Eileen also advises decisively and acts swiftly to protect her clients at critical moments. Speed and clarity is needed, for example to protect children, including threats of their removal from the UK without agreement, the risk of physical or emotional harm and/or coercive control, and to prevent attempts to hide, or dissipate property and assets.

Some of Eileen’s clients have reached agreements with each other already. They require legal guidance about putting their plans and agreements into practice or to become legally binding. Other clients require more complex advice and representation: this may mean advice in the early stages of separation, or where there are complicating issues, including  third parties, for example parents with financial interests in the assets of the family, or where the other party ignores all approaches to negotiate or engage.

Eileen often acts for clients with complex financial matters, including families and clients who have a very high level of assets or have had access to such assets in the marriage. Sometimes clients need to defend a divorce or annul a marriage, alongside the linked financial aspects of this, and Eileen can guide and represent on defending divorce.

Some clients are managing a very high level of conflict and acrimony in their disputes, whether in relation to arrangements for the children or sharing the assets and financial separation.   Eileen has considerable   experience in dealing with hostile parties, including allegations of parental alienation. If you have a dispute with an ex-partner who is either hostile to you, or to your parenting role, it is important to tackle this at the earliest stage you can.

International families face international issues, alongside the other aspects of splitting up. Eileen has the experience, knowledge and skills to assist.  If you or the parent of your child have moved or are considering moving countries, or if your marriage or divorce took place abroad, with assets here or abroad, Eileen is able to provide clear and practical advice about possible options.

Eileen’s clients have confidence in her highly skilled clear and comprehensive advice, and welcome her friendly, caring manner. With her extensive legal experience and knowledge, combined with practical tactical advice, including acting when immediate urgent steps must be taken to protect her clients’ interests, she is a solicitor clients rely on and find accessible.

As well as bringing to HMB six years’ experience of advising a range of high net worth clients, Eileen brings additional legal experience which includes advising for the National Centre for Domestic Violence, acting as a trustee for a London charity that supports international families and consulting on the charity, CHAYN’s guide: “How to Prepare A Domestic Violence case without a Lawyer” (2015)

Eileen has been included as a recognised practitioner in the Chambers & Partners directory and described as a “hard working and compassionate” solicitor who “provides balanced advice and is a star in the making” by the Legal 500.

Her client’s successful application to relocate to Australia with her 5-year-old child is reported at [2014] EWCC B52 (Fam)).



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