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Privacy Policy

If you contact us, or are a client of our firm, you will give us personal data about your circumstances.  We will use this data for the service that you have requested from us. We keep your personal information securely.  We will sometimes suggest obtaining more information from others as part of your case. We will discuss this with you including why we think it is necessary, and we will obtain your explicit consent. Where appropriate we might advise sharing your information with others, when it is necessary for your case, or the administration of your case, such as translators, experts, barristers. 

In order to carry out your instructions we might transfer information about you to countries outside the European Economic area, and such countries may not provide similar protection as the UK. We will alert you if this is suggested.

Your details are not disclosed to any third party, outside assessors or regulatory bodies without your consent. 

Sometimes we might send information to you about other services.  We retain your information through the life of your case and for a further 6 years after its conclusion. 

If you have any concern about how we hold your data, or you would like a copy of the data we hold, please contact us by raising it with the solicitor you are instructing or the Data Protection management Team.


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