Artwork by Julia Giles

Evelyn Kennedy

Evelyn trained as a mediator in the early days of mediation 30 years ago when the work was mainly with couples who disputed residence and contact (then called custody and access).

In 2000 Evelyn qualified to work in the area of financial dispute in order to help couples to resolve any financial and property issues that arise from their separation and/or divorce. In that year she joined Hopkin Murray Beskine’s newly set up Mediation service and has also continued to work as a mediator in a Relate-run mediation service.

She has worked in a family court setting as a mediator on child issues.

Evelyn’s first qualification was as a teacher, a career in which she worked for many years. When children are involved directly in the mediation process this is useful background experience.

Evelyn was also a couples counsellor with Relate for 25 years.

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