Artwork by Julia Giles

Peter Eyles

Peter is a qualified mediator accredited with the Legal Services Commission to work with couples on children and financial matters concerned with divorce and separation.

Peter qualified as a mediator in the year 2000 through the National Family Mediation (NFM) core training programme and joined our newly set up mediation service in the same year. He also works as a mediator for Relate. Prior to becoming a mediator he was a voluntary relationship counsellor with Relate.

Before becoming a mediator, Peter had a successful career with BT where he worked as an engineer and in staff management. Peter has an Open University degree specialising in the “Management of Change”.

Peter has worked with hundreds of couples over the years dealing with residence, contact, child support matters and the financial aspects of couple separation in terms of their joint assets and debts. (Assets in terms of property/monies/pensions from small amounts to those exceeding the million mark). He is a trainer on the recently introduced Parenting Information Programme used by the family courts.

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