Artwork by Julia Giles


The menu above gives information on the main services we provide. This is by no means an exhaustive list and if you require a service which is not listed, please direct your enquiry to the main reception either on our contact telephone number of 020 7272 1234 or you can send e-mail enquiries to

We recognise that many clients who approach us for help with a problem may require both legal and practical help with a matter not covered by us.

To ensure that our clients can be referred to an organistion that can assist them we have created an innovative online referral diary system called Nellbooker. This diary enables us to make and receive referrals from other solicitors and agencies across a broad spectrum from the non-legal referrals to specialist legal advice.

This system has been recognised as outstanding and Hopkin Murray Beskine has been shortlisted for the Law Society Excellence Award (Social Responsibility) 2008.

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